Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

Meditation class with a sound bath involving crystal singing bowls and the gong . A complete immersive experience.

Searching online for meditation classes near you in Ayrshire? You are now in the right place with Ayrshire Healing Centre. Based in Maybole in South Ayrshire, this centre is an established source of meditation classes to access and benefit from physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The meditation classes at Ayrshire Healing Centre are designed to offer a completely immersive experience, tapping into the senses by using auditory elements like our gong and crystal singing bowls. From the moment you come in, throughout the meditation, you will feel sensorily calmed, with the aim of grounding you and relaxing your mind and body.

The meditation classes in Ayrshire Healing Centre are accessible to all, regardless of your prior experience. Whether you have been taking part in meditation classes for years now, or are intrigued by the idea and are looking for meditation classes for beginners, Ayrshire Healing Centre is the perfect place to visit. The guided classes help those either starting out or deep into their journey with meditative therapy feel supported and get the best possible effects from the process.

Meditation classes, offered and guided by experienced professionals, like those at Ayrshire Healing Centre, can lead to a multitude of positive effects on participants’ emotional and physical states. With the chaotic, noisy world going on online and offline, it is vital to take the time to disconnect from it all and focus on taking stock of and bettering your own wellbeing.

Meditation classes provide a chance to check in with yourself, foster self-awareness, and focus on the present moment in order to alleviate stressful and anxious feelings. Mediation is the same as anything - the more you practice it and work at it, the greater benefits you will start to generate from it over time. Attending regular meditation classes at Ayrshire Healing Centre can, over time, help with stress relief in a bigger, more noticeable way.

 Every Wed 7-8 pm


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